The world’s loneliest elephant is finally released after 35 years in a zoo

The elephant Kaavan has been deprived of freedom for 35 years at the Marghazar Zoo, located in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad. The elephant’s plight has caught the attention of activists fighting for animal rights.

During his stay in the zoo, he was the victim of unfair treatment. For a long time, he tried to survive in conditions that didn’t guarantee his well-being.

The elephant arrived in Pakistan in 1985.

The worldwide animal welfare organization Four Paws took his home and fought to free him. Before he was relocated, a series of tests had to be performed that could determine if he was well enough to withstand the transfer.

Four Paws’ team of veterinarians and wildlife specialists conducted all medical examinations. Rescue Group veterinarian Dr. Amir Khalil commented:

“Due to malnutrition and lack of exercise, Kaavan shows visible signs of obesity. In addition, his nails are cracked and deformed, which can be attributed to the inadequate flooring and structure of the enclosure. To solve this problem, he should undergo a long-term paw care program that should not be done at Marghazar Zoo.”

This noble elephant has spent much of his life in isolation. After his partner Saheli died in 2012, he spent his entire life alone. 

He received a long treatment, but his wounds finally healed completely.

Veterinarians say that the lack of contact with other people of his species and the physical and behavioral exercises cause this elephant to have stereotyped behavior.

“He has developed stereotyped behavior in which he moves his head and torso from side to side for hours. In general, his blood test results are good and his health status allows him to be re-located.”

Thanks to the incredible work of activists and rescue groups, the life of this elephant and many other animals that were in the zoo, has changed forever.

Kaavan was transferred to the Cambodian Wildlife Sanctuary. Where he gradually adapted to his new habitat.

For many years he fought for his life fighting against silence and loneliness.

It has been several months since his rescue and this beautiful elephant is already very confident. The wounds on his legs have healed, so now he enjoys exploring his big new enclosure.

Through the Four Paws networks, he shared the positive changes that the brave elephant has gone through. The post reads:

“The lonely days are over! After long years, Kaavan finally gets to interact with other elephants once again. In his new forever home in Cambodia, he is slowly getting to know the other giants in the complex. Of course, he still needs time to fully adjust to his new surroundings, and we can only imagine how oppressive this time must be for him. But we are hopeful and are already seeing the positive changes in him. “

Fortunately, the authorities took legal action and the Islamabad High Court decided to close the zoo.

The story of this elephant became one of the main reasons for the fight.

Today, Kaavan freely explores the spaces of his new home. Four Paws highlights:

“Our hearts melt when we see Kaavan happy, calm, and finally doing what elephants should be doing. He is finally enjoying the proper, peaceful life he deserves. And so we couldn’t be happier for him.”

His release and incredible transformation is a gift to all animal lovers. 

The life of a vulnerable animal will not change on its own. It needs each one of us to make the most beautiful reality possible. Together we can do so much!

Source: Zoorprendente


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