The story behind the video of an adorable puppy smiling

Dogs can feel a whole range of emotions in coats. And there is no denying that this puppy was full of joy to be sure.

After being found in traffic alone last week, Layla, a seven-week-old dog, was rescued by Beaumont Animal Care in Texas. She was frail and nervous at first, but quickly after reaching the shelter, she completely surprised the staff. Tech Rachel Barron approached the kennel and began to talk to the puppy, and that’s when she smiled dazzlingly.

“When I started babbling, she loved it,” Barron said. “[She] began to wag her tail and then explode, the famous smile. That’s when I took my cell phone to watch the video. It was too cute not to share.

It was as if Layla knew she was in good hands, Barron said. And now the puppy has captivated hearts all over the world with its sweet expression.

It was not long before the adoption requests began appearing after Barron shared the video. And luckily, the perfect local family came to visit after seeing the lovely smiling face of Layla online.

Nicole Toney and her husband, who already have three rescue dogs and two cats, knew immediately that Layla would be a great addition to their family.

They were absolutely right

“She was shy at first, but you could tell she was so sweet and happy,” Toney said.

Unsurprisingly, little Layla warmed to the Toneys quickly. And they were approved to bring her home soon after. It’s as if she’s meant to be there all the time; Layla immediately began to play and run with the other dogs.

“Lady immediately wanted to be close to Layla,” Toney said. “Lady was a mother and had just given birth when she was rescued, so she was really attracted to Layla.”

And it seems that Layla is also attracted to the other animals – probably because she had no companions while living alone on the street.

But now, she’s taking every opportunity to cuddle with the new family members.

“She’s really adjusting so well,” Toney said. “She will cuddle next to my husband’s face and fall asleep. She is so loving that she even smiles when she is asleep.

Source: The Dodo


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