The lovely dog who buys cookies with leaves

The money? Paid in leaves! At least for a super cute black dog. He invented a trick to “buy” some cookies “paying them” with leaves.

This incredible story comes from the campus of the Diversified Technical Education Institute in Colombia. Where for about five years lives a dog named Negro, who acts as guardian on campus and is very loved by all the students.

Negro lives in freedom, wanders the patio, receives food, water and much attention from everyone. For some time now the dog has invented a curious way to get biscuits, paying them in an original and imaginative way.

As a good observer, he came to a new campus bar and after having seen the dynamics of the trade, he decided to do his part.

“At first he went into the bar and saw the students give money and get something in return. Then one day, spontaneously, he appeared with a leaf in his mouth, waving his tail and making clear he wanted a cookie, “said the Professor Angela Garcia Bernal.

Black invented his coin that was, of course, naturally accepted.

“He comes every day to buy cookies, he always pays with a leaf, it’s his daily purchase,” explained boxer Gladys Barreto. In short, for Black, with the leaves you can buy things!

Look how cute:

Incredible as it is, this story is a true proof of how clever our four-legged friends are (and animals in general). Obviously the campus staff make sure the black biscuits are for dogs and limit their purchase to a couple a day!

“When you see him for the first time, he gets emotional. He found a way to make himself understood, “Bernal said.

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Source: GreenMe


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