The emotional appeal of Bruno, the 10-year-old puppy from a shelter that nobody wants

When a dog is taken off the streets, a new hope opens up, that of finally having a home to be happy in. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen or perhaps not as quickly as I would like, and in the case of this furry fellow named Bruno, time is running out. The 10-year-old dog is no longer a puppy and his patience and hopes are about to be extinguished.

As unfortunate as it sounds, Bruno has been waiting for a house for more than 3 years.

Since being taken off the streets, the furry one has begun a rehabilitation process in which he has regained his physical and emotional health, but his wait has been truly stormy.

Bruno’s caretakers at the Protectora shelter in Barcelona (Spain) believed that the matter would be simple: the puppy is really cute, although a bit grumpy but nothing that won’t improve with a little love.

Our puppy is a mongrel terrier that weighs only 7 kilos.

Bruno is the ideal pet for any family, but what is it that no one is interested in him? This is a great mystery that the refuge would like to solve.

Faced with numerous failed adoption attempts, Bruno’s caretakers decided to try something else to get people’s attention and finally find their ideal human.

This puppy arrived at the shelter in January 2018.

Through a local medium, the volunteers sent an open letter to the public. In it Bruno’s voice is expressed and he begs to find a home.

“I am 10 years old and weigh only 7 kilos. And it feels like life is already over for me. I have been in the shelter for several years, three to be exact, and I am still waiting for my human. Who will love me the way I am, that is, a little grumpy but with a good heart?”, says the letter.

As he writes, poor Bruno apologizes in advance for his bad character, but humans have not been “very good” to him in his past, so only love could change this reality.

“I just need time and security, I need you to help me trust. The protector will be in charge of helping me, together with a professional, to solve my problems at home. Because believe me, I really want to be a loving puppy and I will do everything possible to make it so. I just need you to understand me and not give up. Keep writing”.

The letter continues with a rather emotional revelation:

“Although in shelters they take good care of us, these places should be temporary stays and not homes for life and … life passes … It’s ending … 10 years turn into 11, 11 become 12 and so on until I am, they close their eyes unable to find a family again. But not like the one that left me emotionally bruised, no! A good family like the one we all dream of, the invisible ones!”.

Bruno is one of those hairy people who deserves the opportunity he has been denied so much, because being of advanced age no one knows how many more years he can hold out.

Anyone who would like to meet this terrier and give him the affection he so desperately needs can contact the Barcelona Animal Protection Agency, or through their e-mail address: [email protected], to express their interest and start with the steps for possible adoption.

Together we can help Bruno find a family. Please share his story on your networks and let’s make his dream come true.

Source: Zoorprendente


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