Thanks to Cher, ‘world’s loneliest elephant’ starts new life at elephant sanctuary

A solitary elephant in a zoo in Pakistan is finally moving to an animal sanctuary. A place where he can then socialize with other elephants.

This happened after the help of singer Cher and other activists. They have been campaigning for years for her liberation.

The elephant was only one year old when it arrived at the zoo in 1985.


He had a companion, who lived with him from 1990 to 2012.

When she died, he got his heartbroken. And he has been alone ever since.

Cher wrote in his social network that he met with the Prime Minister of Pakistan, and announced the change of the elephant.

“The Prime Minister noted that it was a happy moment for all of us. That after giving joy and happiness to the people for about 35 years, Kaavan can now move to a specialized sanctuary” said the singer.


Kaavan will be transferred to the Cambodian Wildlife Sanctuary. Where there are three female elephants to keep him company.

The 5 ton giant will be loaded into a specially built box and then will follow in a cargo plane.

“I don’t think an elephant transfer from an airplane on this scale has ever happened before, so we’re writing history here” Said Martin Bauer.

Bauer said the idea is to socialize the Kaavan elephant. What he believes will therefore take some time, since he has been alone for many years.

“Ultimately, the goal is to add it to other animals because that’s what elephants want. They are animals that live in flocks, always form families and that’s what we plan for them” Bauer said.

We are happy to know that now the Kaavan elephant will have a more dignified life. All animals deserve respect!

Source: Só Noticia Boa

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