Thailand cave hero: doctor interrupts his vacation and stays with the boys for three days

In the last few weeks, people around the world have watched closely the rescue of the young soccer team at Tham Luang Nan Non cave, in northern Thailand. The children and the coach struggled for two weeks to survive. However, none of this would be possible without the help of brave and kind people. The doctor we are going to talk about is an example of this. The man, named Richard Harris, interrupted his vacation to help the team and became a Thailand cave hero.

On June 23, twelve boys, and the 25-year-old trainer, disappeared in a 10-kilometer Thailand cave. The opening was blocked by heavy monsoon rain, making search and rescue efforts extremely difficult. The news of a diver who lost his life in the rescue, as well as the whole operation, broke the hearts of millions of people around the world.

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Fortunately, on Tuesday, we received the wonderful news that all 12 boys and their coach were finally safe. There was one person who played a crucial role in this rescue: the Australian doctor and diver Richard Harris.

Help requested by the Thai government

The doctor from Adelaide, Australia, was on vacation in Thailand when news of the boys trapped in the cave came to him. According to the Australian government, Richard’s help was requested by the Thai government because of his experience. The man is recognized internationally for his experience in cave rescue. In addition to being an experienced diver, he is also an excellent health professional.

When Richard met with the boys, he checked their health and stayed with them for 3 days. It was this same doctor who ordered the weaker boys to leave the cave first.

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Last to leave the cave

Richard Harris, also known as Harry, was allegedly the last to leave the cave. However, the physician’s happiness was short. A few moments after the rescue ended, he received the news that his father had passed away.

“Harry is a calm and kind man who didn’t think twice before offering his support for this mission,” said Andrew Pearce, director of clinical services at MedSTAR. In the same interview, Pearce also asked journalists to give Harry and his family some space during this sad period.

Share to honor Harry for his incredible efforts. He was a hero in the cave, and without him no one knows what would have happened to those boys.

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