Terrorized dog rescued from a clandestine kennel, wouldn’t let anyone touch him

On several times you have heard us talk about the serious cases of negligence behind indiscriminate breeders, who subject pets to more than adverse situations in order to profit from the sale of their offspring.

These people are not capable of showing love, empathy or compassion towards animals that they physically exploit, with the sole purpose of earning a few thousand dollars.

Terrified, Remus wanted nothing to do with humans.

Overcrowded, sick and subjected to truly indiscriminate reproductive cycles, the dogs that care for these people are victims of serious animal abuse crimes and their actions are often reported.

There are even numerous cases in which their cruelty is capable of going so far that when pets are born with malformations or have severe health problems that they refuse to face, they do not hesitate for a second to abandon them.

This video narrates the emotional rescue of poor Remus.

Thousands of dogs that are rescued each year from these clandestine businesses are moved to shelters in the hope that they will be worthy of a more dignified life. A few months ago, National Mill Dog Rescue rescued an extremely frightened mini Schnauzer from one of these breeding centers, located in the Midwest.

Called Remus, the little dog was afraid of any human interaction. When Remus was first put into the rescue van, he was very frightened.

Remus refuses to interact with his caretaker, dying of terror.

During the first contact, he was cowering in the corner of his kennel, afraid that someone would approach him. He didn’t want to be touched at all, said the National Mill Dog Rescue volunteers about the behavior of this pet.

It was extremely important for poor Remus to undergo some kind of rehabilitation that would allow him to regain his confidence. The volunteers at this pet rescue center know better than anyone else that when it comes to abused animals, the most powerful weapons are patience and love.

Throughout his life he was kept in cages.

That’s how time and patience worked their magic. Slowly but surely, Remus opened up and began to want his caregivers to love and embrace him.

His advances were so formidable that not long ago, Remus found a home forever. On the day of his adoption, he got a new harness, a new collar, his GPS tracker, a new furry brother, and a new mom.

With patience and love, trust came.

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Source: Zoorprendente


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