16-year-old dies suddenly – hours later, the doctor discovers something terrifying in her stomach

Some habits we have can lead to death, and Jasmine Beever realized it too late. One day, she lost consciousness and her parents rushed her to the hospital. However, she eventually passed away after several attempts of resuscitation. When the doctors did the autopsy, they discovered something terrifying in her stomach!

Initially, no one could understand what had happened to the girl. It was only when they examined her stomach that they discovered the explanation. It all started when, on a normal school day, the teenager from Skegness, England, felt ill and decided to go home. It was there that the young woman collapsed and was immediately taken to the hospital.

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Unfortunately, there was nothing to be done, and the family received the tragic news of Jasmine’s death. The doctor who tried to save her said the girl had peritonitis. This happens when a thin layer of tissue from the abdomen becomes inflamed, which can lead to infection. However, only after the autopsy did they realize what caused her death…

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Inside the stomach of young Jasmine, the doctors found a huge ball of hair. It was this ball that caused the infection and, as the body could not digest it, an ulcer eventually formed. The ulcer that developed eventually blew up, leading to the failure of several vital organs.

Jasmine had trichotillomania, which is a compulsion to eat hair. This disorder can arise due to stress, and causes people to tear off and ingest their hair. This habit may seem innocent, but in fact it is very dangerous as it can form these hairballs in the stomach.

In turn, these balls cause a blockage in the digestive system, better known as “Rapunzel Syndrome”, which can create a deadly infection …

Share this for everyone to know the dangers of “Rapunzel Syndrome”. If you know someone with trichotillomania, help them look for treatment before it has physical repercussions.

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