Jude, the dog that was terribly tortured but still loves humans!

No matter in what context, it is simply impossible to understand the motives that cause someone to mistreat an animal. However, this is a very present reality in our daily lives. How can anyone hurt a poor animal, who only seeks a little love and affection?

Today we will meet Jude, a Pit Bull who was tortured in such a way that his nose skin rotted and fell into pieces, leaving the bone partially exposed. However, this puppy’s tail never stops wagging. Despite all the trauma he has experienced, Jude continues to worship humans!

Jude was rescued by the Association Dog Networking Agents Inc, of the United States, after having received the complaint of a passer-by. “He’s the face of animal abuse.”, said Hayley Zielinski, one of the first responders.

Due to the nature of his wounds, it is believed that some disturbed man wrapped his nose with duct tape, which caused such a serious infection to Jude…

After being examined in detail, they found out that the puppy had many broken teeth and was partially deaf due to blows suffered in the right ear. Moreover, it is difficult for him to breathe, so that each inhalation and exhalation seem a terrible agony.

Jude urgently needs several reconstructive surgeries in which he would receive skin grafts to correct his disfigurement and help him breathe better. However, the total cost of these interventions reaches a scandalous sum of $ 10,000 and their rescuers don’t have the means to do so.

“When you see this in person, the truth is you can’t believe it: his teeth are so deformed and part of the upper lip has disintegrated because of the infection.”, explains Hayley, co-founder of Dog Network Agents Inc.

However, neither his wounds nor his past traumas could have affected Jude’s humorous character. He knows no resentments and his will to live is unbreakable. In fact, he continues to love humans and the only thing he expects of them is much love and affection!

Let’s hope this wonderful dog gets the operation he craves… He deserves it!

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Source: Zoorprendente


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