Nurses find mother playing piano at hospital for her terminally ill child

Lincoln Tanner had a very short life, full of pain. But his small presence on Earth inspired thousands of people around the world. He had a very dedicated mother named Abby, who did everything to make her son with a terminal illness as comfortable as possible. All the woman wanted was to brighten up the child’s day, and that included making improvised concerts in the middle of the hospital.

Singing for her ill son

Her last performance became viral, and many people were moved by that beautiful moment. Lincoln suffers from malignant migrating partial seizures of infancy, a terminal and rare disease.

Youtube – Daily Mail

Sometimes the boy had more than 200 seizures in just one day. While the woman and Lincoln were waiting for a consultation at the Duke Cancer Institute, the mother of three children from South Carolina spotted a shiny black piano in the lobby. Then ,she pushed Lincoln’s special cart, parked it beside the piano, and sat down. At that point, she begins to use her sweet voice to soothe the baby.

Youtube – Daily Mail
Love voice

Her days are full of stress, and music is a wonderful way to relieve tension and fill the heart with joy. Abby chose to sing Never Enough, a powerful song and soundtrack from The Greatest Showman. The magical moment between the mother and her sick son triggered many messages of support for Lincoln, while educating the world about his rare disease.

Youtube – Daily Mail

We also can’t ignore the fact that Abby also has a truly beautiful voice. She sings the meaningful song with so much emotion, captivating everyone around her. Even the hospital staff gathered around the piano, completely shivering!

Youtube – Daily Mail

Undoubtedly an unforgettable moment. Listen to the beautiful voice of this mother, singing emotionally for her little love…

At 12 months, the baby died. But he left knowing he had a wonderful mother, and helped raise awareness about his rare disease. Rest in peace little angel!

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