Teenager with trisomy 21 hears screams – then, he jumps in the water and saves two drowning girls

Some may think people with Down syndrome are incapacitated. But this teenager with trisomy 21 is proof that is completely wrong. He saved two girls from death in a situation where nobody wanted to intervene. It’s difficult to know how we would react to a dangerous situation, but the truth is that most of us wouldn’t risk their lives for someone else’s.

However, this altruistic and benevolent hero named Valerio Catoia didn’t think twice and saved two girls in danger. Due to his incredible act, the 17-year-old was welcomed by Luca Lotti, Italian Minister of Sport, and received a medal for his courage.

Instagram – Valerio Catoia

Valerio was on the beach with his father and his sister when he heard shouts from the sea. When he looked closely, he noticed two girls were drowning. Without hesitation, the teenager with trisomy 21 jumped into the water to help them along with his father. The 10 and 14 year old girls were trapped in a water current and couldn’t reach the shore.

Instagram – Valerio Catoia

From early on, Valerio’s family realized that the boy loved to swim. He started taking swimming lessons at age 3, gaining muscle and resistance, which allowed him to be an excellent swimmer at age 17. He also took first aid lessons, especially at sea, and even attended the Special Olympics.

Instagram – Valerio Catoia

Without the intervention of this brave young man and his father, the story could have ended in tragedy. Rescuers arrived on the scene after the two heroes managed to get the girls back to the beach. The adolescent’s courage has been applauded all over the world… do you still think he is incapacitated?

Instagram – Valerio Catoia

Valerio is a wonderful teenager who, in addition to saving lives, reminds us once again that people with disabilities and / or Down syndrome are also heroes. He deserves to be recognized and applauded! Share if you agree!

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