Teenager sees 11-year-old boy crying on the bus – after discovering the truth, he decides to give him all his money

The first day at a new school can be very scary for some children. Even the most confident students get nervous thinking about who their new classmates will be, and whether they will be friends or not. Getting to school can also be problematic if you have to rely on public transport. That was the problem of an 11-year-old boy, whose first day of classes did not go as planned.

Tom O’Brien, 15, was on his way home after his first day back to the Holy Family Catholic School in Liverpool, England. He asked a group of younger boys, who were on the bus, how their first day in the new school had been. One of those guys he talked to was Alex Furlong, who had a stressful but exciting day.

11-year-old boy cries on the bus

The thoughtful teenager clearly hadn’t forgotten what it was like to start high school. He wanted to make sure the younger students hadn’t had a bad day. Tom, who was with his two friends, Harry Campbell and Dylan Robson, on the bus, then spotted the 11-year-old boy crying. Tom asked him what was going on, and he said he was on the wrong bus. The boy knew that he was farther and farther from home, but he had no idea how to get back.

Tom and his friends immediately got off the bus at the next stop. There, they called a taxi for the boy, waited with him until it arrived, and even offered to pay the race! Fortunately, the taxi driver didn’t charge, and left the money in school for Tom. “My faith in humanity was restored a little today.” Alex watched the older boy, Tom, in action, and went straight home to tell his mother about the hero he had just met on the bus home.


His mother, Ruth Furlong, was so impressed with Tom and his friends that she decided to post about it on Facebook. Tom’s sister, Katie, responded to the post by identifying her younger brother saying: “Ahhh everyone it was my little brother. I’ve just been tagged in this by a friend of mine who’s seen this status. We are so proud of Tom and it’s so lovely to know he’s a good lad in the outside world”

This adolescent is a great example for the new students at his school. Share to honor Tom, Dylan and Harry for kindness and quick action!

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