Harry and Meghan speechless after seeing a painting that a teenager made of them

The whole world was staring at the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Many criticized the couple, while others decided to support them, showing their affection through symbolic gifts. Some fans usually offer flowers, other chocolates, but the painting that a teenager made of them left the pair speechless.

After several weeks using pencil and paper, Chloe Mullins was ready to deliver her gift. Chloe planned the delivery for days, and she finally found the perfect time and place to offer the painting to the royal couple. However, she had no idea that Meghan and Harry would have such a strong reaction…

Instagram – Chloe Mullins

On their first official tour outside the UK, Harry and Meghan made a quick tour in Ireland, walking the streets to meet their fans. It was then that Harry saw Chloe waving something strange in her hand.

Drawing surprises the real couple

The royal couple, curious, decided to approach. When they saw the image Chloe drew paper, they were speechless. It was an incredibly accurate drawing of one of their official engagement photos!

Instagram – Chloe Mullins

Harry looked at Chloe, his eyes shined, and he said: “That’s very, very good. Did you draw that? It’s lovely… And you’ve given me more hair!” Upon hearing this, Meghan burst into laughter! She was equally impressed by Chloe’s work and insisted on saying that to the young woman.

Prince has an unexpected request

Meghan leaned over to Chloe and said that the image looked like the original photo. This was one of the biggest compliments Meghan could ever give to an artist like Chloe – but the surprises did not stop there! Harry took another look at Chloe’s work and politely asked if he could take the picture home.

Chloe’s breath stopped… she could hardly believe it! Of course, without hesitation, Chloe allowed the royal couple to take the drawing home. With her heart racing, Chloe went to Instagram to share the exciting news.

Instagram – Chloe Mullins

“Ya girl’s artwork going to Kensington Palace! Delighted to have gotten to talk to them and have them keep my drawing! They’re genuinely so nice… Still not over meeting them… couldn’t ask for a better compliment than Meghan saying my drawing ‘looked like a photo’ and was ‘so special.’ Great day!,” said the girl.

Meghan and Harry did not have to stop and talk to Chloe, but this left a lasting impact on the young artist. She will never forget the day one of her drawings was ripped from her hands by royalty.

See Meghan and Harry’s sweet reaction to Chloe’s drawing below.

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Source: Faith Tap


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