Student has teacher’s hand marked on face

Recently, an East Chinese teacher lost his job for mistreating a student. In the pictures, we can see the teacher’s hand marked on the teenager’s face. It’s more than evident that this was not just a light slap! The teacher, who worked for Suyu High School, decided to punish the student because he was talking to a classmate at study time.

According to witnesses, the teacher hit the student at least 12 times. The student, called Xiaochen, needed medical assistance, because the hits broke blood vessels around one of the boy’s eyes.

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Teacher mistreats student

Beijing Time released a video, filmed shortly after the incident, in which we can see young Xiaochen lying on a bed of Suqian Chinese Medicine Hospital. The marks left by the teacher are evident on the boy’s face. In an interview, he said that it all happened because he was caught talking to a classmate.

According to the Yangtse Evening News, the teacher wasted no time and punished the young man in front of his colleagues.

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One student in the same class explained, “The teacher lost control and hit a girl before she started slapping Xiaochen.” Besides the medical care, to which he had to be submitted because of the marks left in his face, the boy also had to be treated for a lesion in his left ear.

In addition, doctors who treated Xiaochen revealed that the boy will suffer from a temporary hearing loss. The severity of this hearing loss and the expected duration are unknown.

The incident was reported to the Ministry of Education and the police. It is not clear if the police plan to open an investigation against the teacher. As for the school, they acted immediately, firing the man and removing his salary bonuses! In addition, the school has committed to cover all hospital expenses.

Daily Mail

In the coming days, it will be revealed whether or not the police will open an investigation and accuse the teacher of maltreatment. Let’s hope the student recovers quickly and is not afraid to go back to school.

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