Little girl tries to teach her Great Dane to sit and gets thrilled when he obeys

Children love to imitate adults as this gives them a sense of pride and interaction with the world around them. In the video below, a sweet girl tries to teach her Great Dane to sit, resorting to the use of treats.


We all love to see children interacting with animals… It’s an overload of love that no one can resist! However, what makes this video so adorable, it is fact that the “puppy” is three times the size of the little child!


Not more than two years old, the laughing girl is very excited to offer a treat to her pet. She waves and says, “Sit down, sit down!” As Great Danes are very clever, he listens to her command and sits like a good boy.

The beautiful girl is very grateful!


Without a doubt, a scene not to be missed…

Little girl tries to teach her Great Dane to sit

Children and dogs really have a very special relationship. Check out the cute moment in the video below:

Do you have small children? Then, of course, you have witnessed a similar moment…

Children and animals always know how to liven up our days. Share this loving story with your friends and family!

Source: I Love My Dog


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