Grandmother takes care of lost cat – her grandson dies of laughter when he discovers that it’s not a cat

Eric Hertlein is used to his grandmother taking lost cats to her home. However, during a recent visit, he noticed that one of the “cats” wasn’t quite a cat. Eric’s grandmother is known for creating soft, warm beds on her porch so lost cats in the area can have a place to sleep. Sometimes she even invites the cats into her house. What she didn’t know was that one of the latest guests was actually a opossum.

As usual, Eric decided to stop by his grandmother’s house to say hello. When he entered the house, he noticed a “cat” that looked a little strange. Among all the felines there was a opossum, enjoying a comfortable bed!

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Eric didn’t know if he was alarmed or completely amused by his grandmother’s naivety. “She assured me he was one of her cats.” Eric said. “I said the animal wasn’t what she thought.”

After his grandson told her that the animal, “baptized” as Tete, was really a opossum, the grandmother was a little shocked and confused. “I laughed for five minutes.”, said Eric. “She didn’t realize he wasn’t a cat.”

Twitter – Eric Hertlein

Having some trouble accepting that she had a wild animal in her house, the woman came a little closer to see Tete better. And being a opossum didn’t bother that grandmother…

Not only the woman accepted the opossum as a pet but the cats also gained a new brother! However, they suspect that the opossum was orphaned as a baby. When he first appeared in this house, he looked a bit like a wet kitten, just like the picture below:


Even after discovering the truth about Tete, Eric’s grandmother continued to welcome the opossum into her home. That says a lot about her personality. “She loves animals and takes care of them whenever she can.”, Eric said. “It simply motivates you to better and treat other beings better.”

Twitter – Eric Hertlein

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