Man takes care of gorillas and 6 years later they meet his wife – despite the warnings she comes very close!

When Damian Aspinall, a millionaire and animal advocate, introduced his new wife to two of his old friends, he didn’t expect this reaction from them. Especially when those two friends are gorillas!

Damian Aspinall took care of the gorillas, Djalta and Ima since they were babies until the age of 12, since they were ready to be released in the wild life of the jungle. Six years later, the time came for a meeting, in their natural environment. Damian wanted to introduce his wife, Victoria, to the animals.

The man runs an organization that takes care of injured gorillas for years, or with other problems, until they are ready to be returned to their life in nature. Over the years, Damian learned a lot about these animals and created a very special bond with them. But he knew that his wife wasn’t used to deal with gorillas, and she didn’t know how the primates would react to a stranger. Still, they advanced with the idea…

After crossing the waters tormented by the crocodiles, the couple finally arrived where the gorillas live, their new home.

They approach despite warnings! It seemed that the gorillas had forgotten DamiĆ£o, since they had been away for the last six years. Fortunately, these big boys welcomed Damian with arms wide open.

Man takes care of gorillas and 6 years later they meet his wife

What about his wife? Watch this wonderful encounter in the video below:

Apparently, Ima and Djalta “approve” Damian’s new wife so much they almost seem to want her for them! Many believe that this only happens with domestic animals, but these images demonstrate, once again, the strong bond that can be created between wild animals and their caregivers.

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