Sweet grandpa picks up halloween costume and his furry friend is part of it

Today we’ll meet Henry, an 87-year-old grandfather, and his dog named Peyton. From the day Henry was introduced to Peyton, the duo became inseparable. Adorable grandpa integrates the Golden Retriver into all his activities, and this includes Halloween.

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“My grandfather is obsessed with Peyton! She is our family dog and they live together in the same house,” said Matt Poulton, grandson of Henry. “They spend most of the day together.”

Some time ago, at the suggestion of his grandchildren, Henry watched the movie “Up”: a film in which the central characters closely resemble Henry and Peyton.

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“We always said that my grandfather looks like the character, Fredricksen,” Poulton said. The resemblance is actually very strange, but Henry is not the only one with an animated doppelganger. Dug also looks a bit like Peyton.

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With Halloween approaching, “Up” evidently came back to Henry’s mind when it came time to choose a costume. Sure enough, he opted for one that his beloved dog could be part of… The costume could not be more perfect:

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“They definitely make each other happy,” Poulton said.

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Source: The Dodo


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