Sweet dog saves abandoned kitten from rain and takes him home

Although movies, cartoons, and other forms of entertainment seem to suggest otherwise, dogs and cats can be friends, and this true story proves it. Hazel is a Yorkie, Chihuahua and poodle mix, who lives in Abilene, Texas. He’s a mix of races makes it a unique dog; in addition to his tenderness, Hazel stands out for being very friendly. And it was just that quality that saved the life of a poor defenseless kitten.

On a gray, rainy day, Hazel’s owners let him out into the garden to do his business. Despite the heavy rain and cold, it took Hazel more than a few minutes to get home…

According to Monica, the dog’s owner, everything went according to Hazel’s routine until she came home and was faced with a surprise. The dog, who hurried in again and escaped the rain, looked at a spot in his garage; Regardless of the rain, Hazel began to bark and approach the garage.

What she didn’t know was that, in the chaos of the garage, an abandoned kitten was trying to escape the cold and the rain. The little animal did nothing but meow, which attracted Hazel’s attention. Instead of attacking him, Hazel started to transport the kitten from his temporary shelter and accompany him home.

Monica couldn’t believe that her dog had left and was now returning with an adopted friend.

The kitten walked awkwardly in the rain while following Hazel; the dog took a few steps and then turned around to make sure his new friend followed him, and when the kitten got home he couldn’t get up the step that would get him into the house, so Hazel grabbed her with his nose and lifted him up. The two entered the house and went to get warm in Hazel’s bed. Monica, meanwhile, looked stunned: it looked like her dog had adopted a cat and she should make a decision: keep the kitten at home or not?

Eventually, Sheeba, the name given to the kitten, went on to live happily with Monica’s sister.

And who said that dog and cat friendship cannot exist?

Source: Olha Que Vídeo


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