Study says sleeping with your dog in the bedroom may improve your sleep

Avoiding sleeping with the dog in the same bed or bedroom can be a daunting task for pet owners who can not resist the cuteness and companionship of a four-legged friend. For those who do not mind, there is good news: scientists have proven that habit does not detract from sleep quality – on the contrary. And we already talked about this before.

Sleeping with a dog does not impair sleep

A study published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings analysed 40 adults who slept with their canine in the bedroom, in the same bed or elsewhere in the room for seven nights.

Throughout the period, owners had to answer questionnaires about the quality of sleep, and both sleepers and sleepers used sleep-tracking devices.

So the researchers calculated the efficiency of sleep, which is a comparison of the time lying in bed with the sleeping periods, and found that the presence of the dog does not compromise the rest.

People who let the animal dwell in the room maintained 83% of sleep efficiency. Those who left the pet in the same bed had a slightly lower average of 80%, since they woke up a little more during the night.

Both percentages are considered satisfactory and prove that the presence of the pet can even contribute to a good night.

Animal sleep is not affected

Puppies’ sleep, however, was not disturbed by the presence of the owners, but rather improved, since humans tend to work hard not to disturb the snoozing companion.

Sleep quality should be observed

The study had a small sample, the majority of which was formed by women in their 40s, which imposes limitations to apply the results to other populations.

It has also not been determined how the size or breed of dog interfere with the quality of the rest.

However, lead author of the study and sleep medicine specialist, Lois Krahn, says it is remarkable that sleeping with the dog can be comforting for many people.

Everyone should be aware of their rest and take the animal out of bed if it feels that it impairs the quality of rest. For some, this may seem cruel, but the study proved that the dog sleeps well regardless of its owner’s location in the bedroom.

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