Street dog wanted a home so desperately that he followed people home. So one day…

In South Africa, unfortunately, there’s a large population of street dogs. So a group of animal lovers decided to help the homeless puppies with the Dogbox Project. They help organizations throughout the area by designing kennels, distributing food and blankets. Unfortunately, many dogs in South Africa usually sleep in the cold, but things were about to get better for them!

One day, Dogbox volunteers found a very sweet puppy. Most homeless dogs are pretty shy, but not this one! He followed them and never gave up… The rescuers realized that the puppy would always follow someone who was kind, as he was desperate to find a home.

Youtube – Sidewalk Specials

They called the sweet dog of Scribble, who was limping. When he was evaluated by a veterinarian, they determined that he was probably kicked by humans. All because the little dog liked to follow people, trying to find a house.

Fortunately, Scribble’s leg improved tremendously, but Sidewalk Specials still had something to do to complete his life. They introduced him to the people on the Morning Show Express!

Youtube – Sidewalk Specials

The show introduced the adorable puppy so he and other dogs at Sidewalk Specials could find a happy home!

Youtube – Sidewalk Specials

One family was watching the show and fell in love with Scribble. He was the perfect dog!

Youtube – Sidewalk Specials

Now they are all together and Scribble will never have to sleep in the cold rain again! Watch the video below to learn more about this inspiring story:

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Source: I Love My Dog


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