Street dog surprise family with smiles at a photoshoot in Mexico

A family that was on vacation in Mexico and took some photos at a tourist spot, without imagining that a dog would be in the pictures and steal all the attention. The puppy appears in the photo smiling and was very happy.

The man who took the pictures is known by Chema, and it was the one who shared some photos on his Facebook page, along with the description: “When you are in a photo session and the dog wants to come out and smile too.” He shared the pictures from his trip to Mexico City.

Apparently, the dog approached the family to ask for something to eat. The family did not hesitate to give him some food and water. The animal remained close to them and also posed for the photos, as a way of acknowledgment.

Needless to say, the puppy had a charming smile, we hope his story will be shared so that this little boy finds a family, that gives him the love he deserves.

Many dogs expect a family

This case shows that many dogs are on the street, but that’s not their fault. So they deserve a chance. Give preference to street dogs when adopting, because they have a very long life, where they have to turn to eat and sleep.

Many people buy “breed” dogs, but what they do not know is how they are treated. In many places, these dogs are treated in precarious conditions. So if you have bought dogs from these places you will be encouraging this practice.

We support the adoption of street dogs, as they are the ones who need us the most.

If you look at the photo, you can see that the puppy seems to be happy and, that is because they gave him water and food.

Source: Portal Amigo Cão


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