Street dog protects children by helping them cross avenue

There are dogs that devote their whole lives to helping others. One of them is the beautiful Kupata. This furry white man with black spots lives on the streets and she didn’t take long to win the affection of everyone in the area for his work in helping children cross the street.

Kupata means “sausage” in the Georgian language.

Kupata demonstrated a great ability to sneak through the avenues and stop traffic. But this is all for an end.

Every time Kupata sees that the children are going to cross, she feels a little worried and stands in front of them to ensure that nothing bad happens to them.

“Whenever there are children on the street, she looks for them at full speed to help them cross safely.”

It even starts to bark at the cars to force them to stop. When the little ones reach the other side, the sweet dog waits for a few seconds until he loses sight of them and then returns to the pretty little house they built.

Kupata lives in the city of Batumi, Georgia.

When she was just a puppy, Kupata knocked on Nona Zakareishvili’s door and started asking for treats. Since then, she has given him a rug to protect himself from the cold and they have become inseparable. The cunning and noble puppy grew up and stole the hearts of all the neighbors.

Kupata has lived with Nona for four years.

At first, everyone called him in different ways, but the most prevalent name was given by the local butcher. They have also become great friends and he is the one who ensures that loyal Kupata never misses food.

“I called her that because she is always chubby, happy and well looked after.”

Her love for children made her a celebrity on the networks and the Department of Tourism decided to honor her with a beautiful gesture. They made a beautiful dog house where it is much safer.

So she has her food dishes and also the image of a star of honor for the great contribution she makes to her community. After all, he is an exemplary and affectionate puppy.

“We did this to thank you for your protection work.”

It is a joy to know that such a special dog has the support and love of so many people. We hope that the beautiful Kupata will continue to take care of the children and be a furry worker, so attentive to the children’s well-being.

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Source: Zoorprendente


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