Street dog loses an eye after being run over while looking for food in garbage

Animal lovers, we live in a constant struggle to try to make people aware of the cruelty of abandonment.

We cannot deny that millions of puppies live on the streets, in unfavorable conditions, exposed to multiple dangers. Going out every day to look for food or a place to rest therefore involves risks in which they can be seriously injured.

This is the story of a street dog that was hit by a speeding motorcycle while rummaging through the garbage in search of something to eat.

There’s no information about the person responsible for such an unfortunate accident.

The incident was serious and almost cost him his life. Fortunately, a group of people witnessed the event, and then it did not take long to call the rescue service who quickly arrived on the scene to provide the necessary help.

“At about 10:20 pm, the rescue team received a call to help this poor dog. Someone saw him die on the side of the road, he was covered in blood.”

His injuries were much more serious than they appeared, his head received the full impact and caused a severe injury to his eye. Surgical intervention was necessary.

The rescue group reported:

“He underwent emergency surgery, but the vets couldn’t save his right eye. He survived but lost one eye completely.

Amazingly he made a good recovery, he is a puppy that trusts all the staff. Many thanks to everyone who rescued him in time. We also thank all the people who made donations to cover his medical bills. “

Only 23 days after the intervention, the puppy, who was named Black Bangpakong, was standing up and proving to be brave.

We are sure you will adapt to living with one eye and find a family that will give you all the love you deserve.

Although many dogs live on the street, they are still wonderful beings that will love you unconditionally, without expecting anything in return. There are always reasons to adopt a street dog.

And if you can’t adopt, you can speak out against abandonment and encourage adoption. Help us make this reality visible and share this story in your networks.

Source: Zoorprendente


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