Street dog exhausted from so much pain just waited for his end

Abandoned dogs must face great battles. Indefeated and many on the verge of death agonize silently begging for a helping hand.

Fortunately, the good ones are more and there are still those who care and protect the most vulnerable.

Bhaskar is a puppy that was rescued from the streets of India. The little dog solved in the middle of an abandoned construction site.

When he believed that all was lost, his earthly angels appeared to give him the second chance he so desired.

He may never have received a gesture of love before.

The rescue team arrived on the scene and took the puppy to the shelter where he is currently staying.

Through his Facebook page, the story of the defenseless hairy boy was released. The story quickly won the hearts of rescuers and volunteers.

The organization through the comments of the social network:

“He was found dying of dehydration, malnutrition, fatigue, and a terrible wound covered with worms that had destroyed his hearing”.

The vets then cleaned the wound that caused him great pain. They also removed the dead skin to ensure its recovery.

Thanks to the staff working in the organization, the days of suffering for this puppy are over.

But healing your wounds and increasing your weight is the priority now.

Now you have to make out with wonderful people. While he recovers, he remains a spoiled hairy who loves to take care of his saviors.

In another section of the publication, we read:

“He is kind and gentle. The cure will give him a happy future. We cannot say if that future will take months or years. But we know that today, and tomorrow, and the next day, we can bring him back to health, say good morning, give him treats and a pat that every old dog deserves”.

This puppy has shown that it has great potential and unshakeable strength. That’s why they decided to call him Bhaskar, which means sunshine.

His saviors saw in him a special glow. A glow they had never seen in other dogs.

As he recovers, he loves to smile for everyone.

Due to the severe ear damage, Bhaskar should continue taking some antibiotics. They should also ensure that he gains weight. That is why they ask everyone to continue paying for the treatment.

How not to love him if only with his smile he melts hearts.

If you want to collaborate, you can do so by entering this link. Donate and completely transform the life of a beautiful puppy.

Bhaskar, more than anyone else, is interested in progressing and overcoming this stage. When he is totally healthy, he hopes to find a loving home, but we are sure that, with everyone’s help, he will do it.

If we look with loving eyes, we can have a more sensitive and receptive world with abandoned dogs. Share this story and then raise awareness about love and respect for all animals.

Source: Zoorprendente


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