Street dog delivers a “present” to the woman who feeds him every day

There are a lot of people in this world who have done amazing things for the street animals that are abandoned and neglected. After hard days of work these people prepare and distribute meals for those little bitches no one wants.

Some people even share what they eat with animals. Although they do not have many possibilities, they are not able to go through a starving animal and leave it salivating for some food.

This woman is one of those people with a heart full of love. She feeds stray dogs, near her home in Thailand, in Orawan Kaewla-iat. Recently she has been rewarded for her actions. And now you think, “Who’s paying her to feed the bigeye?” Disagree, she does not receive money but rather much affection from the animals she helps.

An adorable canine has brought every day presents / rewards to thank her for everything she has done for him and his pack. Unlike the other bigeye, Tua Plu does not devour voraciously the bowl of food. He first thanks the woman and then only eats.

Orawan recently shared with the whole world the grateful manner in which this boy comes to her every day.

“When he’s hungry, he comes to offer me something to feed himself,” he wrote on Facebook. “Every day he appears with an object in his mouth, usually a leaf and sometimes a piece of paper.” Before feeding the other puppies, I have to feed Tua Plu and his mother. “

The fact that You bring a gift to Orawan every day means that he is not only grateful for what the woman does for him but that she also loves her very much!


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