Man notices strange stairs – see the incredible scene that happens when others also discover it

Whenever we can climb the stairs instead of using the elevator or the escalator, we should do it. This is a way of doing the much needed exercise. However, the human being is selfless, and chooses to walk as little as possible. Knowing this, Volkswagen decided to experiment with strange stairs, to see if people’s curiosity would make them prefer to walk or use the treadmill.

The solution they invented was simply brilliant. The company calls it “fun theory,” where they test smart and innovative options to encourage more people to do certain things like wearing seat belts or, in this case, climbing the stairs.


The company decided to remodel some stairs in Odenplan, Stockholm, in a place where thousands of people a day pass. At this location, the population has two options: use the escalator or climb the stairs. A Volkswagen team began to cover the stairs and put electronic panels on them, which resembled the white keys of a piano. They also added the black keys, essentially creating piano stairs.


The next morning, thousands of people passed by that place. But this time their choice was different… curiosity spoke louder and they decided to investigate those strange stairs. The different reactions to the “giant piano” in the video below are very funny, but what happens when they step on the stairs is even more hilarious.


It’s nice to see how people of all ages use the piano ladder. One would expect young people to like it, but the truth is that adults and seniors also loved the idea. After seeing the recording, we can declare that the piano stairs project was successful!


Watch the video to see what happened, and also to see the shiny piano staircase in action!

Would you use these stairs? Share your opinion with us in the comments!

Source: Faith Tap


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