Many people are having some trouble to understand this strange photo of a completely normal dog

Who would’ve guessed that a picture of a perfectly normal puppy would eventually gain such popularity? The image, posted on social networks last week, has been generating a lot of discomfort since then. Even the most experienced Internet “detectives” are having a hard time to understand this picture.


Of course, spotting the puppy lying in the foreground of the photo is fairly easy, but there is something wrong with the other animal. Is this really a dog? “It hurts my brain.” a person wrote in Reddit. Others echoed this sentiment.

At a glance, this image is almost disturbing!


However the mystery is about to be revealed…

It turns out that the puppy isn’t deformed at all, he is just cozy. This strange appearance is only the result of the way his flexible head is positioned: sideways while he looks at the camera.

Here is that image with a 90 degree rotation. Now it does make some sense:


For people who are still struggling to understand this image, here is a useful GIF from an Imgur user:

This dog left everyone surprised, but after a few seconds looking at these pictures, everything seams right…

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Source: The Dodo


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