Woman cuts a squirrel’s long teeth and saves his life

When Jannet Talbott first spotted a squirrel with troublesome teeth in her yard, she could have let nature take its course. However, something in that little animal melted the woman’s heart, and she decided to act. It all started when Talbott was on the porch and watched him eat. At that time, she noticed a peculiar feature on the squirrel.

Squirrel with peculiar teeth

The woman looked closer and realized she was seeing long curly teeth coming out of the squirrel’s mouth. They were so long that they were invading the squirrel’s eyeball. Rodents, including squirrels, have teeth that never stop growing. But, usually, the chewing makes them have a proper size.

The Dodo

Talbott felt sorry for the pet, wondering how she could help him. She said the dilemma kept her awake at night, wondering how to catch a wild squirrel, and what she would do after that. The good Samaritan named the squirrel Bucky, and decided to grab him when he entered her bird feeder. Closer inspection revealed a major dental problem. “Bucky had a mouth full of huge teeth.”

Mouth in an “absolute mess”

“His mouth was an absolute mess. His upper incisors were curled up and growing inside his mouth,” Talbott said. “When he ate, his teeth were rubbing against his face. It was so horrible.”

The Dodo

Talbott considered taking Bucky to a veterinarian, but she feared they would not be willing to help a wild squirrel. She did some research on her own, and found that the squirrels’ teeth did not have much sensitivity. This meant that the woman could cut the squirrel’s teeth on her own, without causing him any pain. She took a deep breath and started to cut.

“I went upstairs and got my cuticle trimmers. I wanted to have him nice and calm, so I let him relax for a bit. Then I got my trimmers, swaddled him and went to work.” “It took under 10 minutes. He was totally relaxed the whole time. It was kind of serious dentistry, but he was such a good patient,” Talbott said.

The Dodo

When Talbott let Bucky go, she said he ran to a branch and began to explore his new face. The next day she saw him walking around the property, looking as healthy and happy as possible.

The Dodo

Whether or not Talbott’s intervention will be permanent is still unknown. But she is happy to have helped an animal in need, and is hopeful that her story will inspire others to do the same. “If what I did to Bucky inspires someone to help an animal in need, it’s honestly a dream come true for me,” Talbott said.

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