Squirrel visits every day the man who saved her life

When farmer Tyler Gregory found a small squirrel at his Kansas estate in August last year, he knew he would do whatever he could to save his life.

The baby squirrel was caught in a storm and separated from its nest and its mother. Tyler took the squirrel home so he could get it out of the rain and warm it up. But he was afraid the little animal may not survive that night.

“She was so small that her eyes did not even open yet,” she reports. “I gave her a bottle of milk in the hope of providing her some comfort.”

Tyler and his girlfriend set the alarm to wake them up every three hours, taking turns filling the bottle. Fortunately, their flexible work hours allowed them enough time to care for the squirrel, whom they called Annie.

“We were able to take turns because of our sparse work schedule since I’m a musician and my girlfriend works as a painter,” says Tyler.

For the first few weeks, Annie slept in a cage with a cushion to warm her up and keep her comfortable. And as it grew, so did the size of its cage.

By the end of the first month living with her human parents, her eyes opened and gave her more room to live – something her father understood perfectly.

Tyler began to take Annie into nature routinely, where she could crawl through the grass. Soon, the little squirrel was testing its strength, making flying jumps between tree trunks and wielding its wild genes.

But no matter how far she was, Annie always ran back into her father’s arms.

“She’s always been very attached to us,” she says. “Annie likes to run around the house and down the backyard lawn, but she always comes back to us.”

When the squirrel was not on Daddy’s shoulder, she would hitchhike on the back of the family dog.

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Jack and Annie are going to join the rodeo!

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In November of last year, Annie climbed into her first tree – a clear signal to Tyler that she was preparing to live alone. However, an big rain delayed this farewell.

“We were not able to release her because the winter was strong and she was not ready.”

Gregory wanted it to be Annie’s sole decision. If she would like to leave her cage and live in nature, or not.

“We were nervous, but it was something we needed to know,” Tyler says. “I could not bear to see her in the cage anymore and she was starting to get wilder compared to the sweet little baby she used to be.”

One day in March, he opened the door and, Annie ran into the surrounding woods.

“I have not seen her for about a week and I was very sad to think that she might never come back.”

But she returned. There was Annie, coming through the front door of the house, ready to have lunch with her parents and play with the dog.

“I opened the front door the other day and, there she was!” Says Tyler. “[She] came and climbed on my shoulder.”

“That made me very happy,” Tyler wrote on Reddit. “I was worried like a father.”

The visit was brief, but it meant a lot to her father to know that Annie was happy and healthy.

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She came to say hello again today!

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“She spent some time with us – about an hour and then went her way,” he added. “She comes back every day for a little time between father and daughter, have fun opening nuts and then goes back to the woods. Annie looks very happy and loves to climb trees. “

“It warms my heart to know that she’s out there, but she still likes to come home,” Tyler concluded.

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