6-year-old child is split in half because of a common mistake. Now, the mother wants to alert everyone

Everyone knows that seat belts can make the difference between life and death. We’ve heard it countless times. However, we don’t always respect what we hear. Who doesn’t use this accessory doesn’t know the great danger they can face. This girl’s mother discovered it in the worst way… the child was split in half in a car accident for not wearing a seat belt correctly.

Girl is split in half

Samantha Swartwout, 6, was on her way home after going to a fair with her father when they suddenly collided in a tree. The girl suffered very serious injuries, and was taken to the hospital unconscious. His guts were nearly split in half, and the doctors had to gently sew his seriously injured belly. They had to use an advanced technology to keep all of Samantha’s organs in place.

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Samantha’s father escaped with significantly minor injuries. The child would also have only a few scratches if she was in a wheelchair and had her seat belt properly secured. After the accident, Samantha had post-traumatic stress syndrome, and has terrible nightmares. Now, Samantha’s mother, Shelly Martin, wants to tell the other parents about the importance of the car seat and the seat belt.

Importance of seat and seat belt

“It takes just a second to get your child in a proper car seat,” Shelly said. “It will take him most of a year for him to heal. Samantha will still need another surgery in the next few months…” “She is also afraid of being alone,” her mother adds.

If Samantha had been properly tied up, her injuries could have been completely avoided. Please share the article so that more people understand the importance of proper use of seat belts and car seats!

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