Special dog is rescued and finds a forever home

Often, animals born with a slightly different appearance are rejected by prejudiced people and that breaks our hearts. They are beautiful in their own way and all they need is a little love and affection! Today we’ll meet a special dog, who lived on the streets, but ended up having a happy life.

Cletus Spuckler began life on the streets of Los Angeles before being rescued and taken to Best Friends LA. The two-year-old dog was born with a crooked nose, large overbite and humped back. Many people despised him, however, he stole the hearts of Mark Enrietto and Summer Esslingen.

Now the special puppy has a forever home and needs some extra care. However, that’s not a problem for his new parents, because they love him unconditionally!


Special dog is rescued and finds a forever home


Watch the video below to get to know a little more about this exciting story:

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Source: Paw My Gosh


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