Dog was uncontrollable until they discovered the source of his behavior

Cachorro Era Incontrolavel Destaque

Some pets may exhibit inappropriate behavior. From destroying everything they see, to not obeying orders, they can be very rebellious. In many cases, it’s because they have a lot of energy or are stressed. However, there may be other reasons… Acorn is a true example of that!

“When he arrived at Cleveland Care and Control, he was almost uncontrollable,” said Michelle Harvánek, operations manager.


Acorn didn’t respect any kind of order. Then a volunteer, named Mary Motley, took the animal home to see if a temporary home would help. However, the pattern of behavior was the same.

Until they discovered something very important…


The puppy had no behavior problems, he was deaf. The dog just could not hear the orders that were imposed on him. Given the circumstances, the volunteers had to find a way to communicate with Acorn.


Mary decided to create a simple sign language so that Acorn could adapt easily. And it worked incredibly well… Better than expected!


Mary’s dedication reached the ears of Petco Foundation, which decided to contribute $ 5,000 to be invested in the shelter. With more than 87 dogs looking for loving homes, they needed to expand the place. So the monetary contribution has come at the right time!

The “undisciplined” dog ended up changing the lives of many people and saving lots of animals.



Thanks to Mary’s patience, Acorn now has a dream life and loves everyone he meets. Check out the loving animal in action in the video below:

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Source: Zoorprendente


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