Someone abandoned this Cat on the street with his litter box and belongings

Someone with no heart left a cat in Brooklyn, New York. He was left alone in the street, and next to him was his litter box and other cat objects.

He was crying…

The photo of the sad scene was shared on social media, asking for help and rescue for the cat.

After the repercussion of the case, they went to the rescue of the cat, which was not easy, beause he disappeared when he was scared away by a street sweeper.

As soon as she learned of the case, Elizabeth Champ, founder of a group called FAT CATS, who performs the tasks of CED (capture, sterilize and return) in the neighborhood, was rushing to rescue the poor cat.

“We would like to thank our neighbors, many of whom took time out of their day to look for this poor cat. Due to today’s heat and the amount of construction and noise on the street today, it’s our belief that he is hiding somewhere until things get quieter and cooler.” wrote on Facebook.

After days of searching, the cat finally showed up on Sunday morning in the backyard of animal protector Karen Oh.

“We immediately brought him to get vetted and screened for a microchip. He had no microchip. But we are happy to say he is a healthy 1-year-old male. He didn’t even mind having blood drawn for testing ”, she said. “Unfortunately, many male cats get dumped when they mature because there are not enough low-cost castration/neutering resources in NYC. People can’t afford to get them fixed, so they often dump them and get another cat.”

The cat gained the name of Nostrand.



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