Soldier returns home after 6 months – see how her dogs reacted

When a family member enlists in the military, it’s always a painful time for everyone because we are aware of the risks involved. In addition, the periods in which they leave home, last an eternity.

However, this is even more painful for pets, who have no idea why their humans have been away for so long. So when this female soldier came home, her German Shepherds had a memorable reaction!

Youtube – Heatherwicz

Since she was away for six months, her dogs had no idea when she would return. Yet they waited for her every day. So imagine their surprise and joy when they suddenly saw her sitting on the couch, just waiting for them to hug her!

Youtube – Heatherwicz

The three dogs jumped for joy and filled the woman with kisses. It’s almost as if they were arguing with each other and saying, “Get away, I got here first.” The exciting moment has already melted hearts all over the world, and it’s not hard to understand why!

Youtube – Heatherwicz


Soldier returns home after 6 months

Check out the reunion in the video below:

Without a doubt, a moment that this woman will remember forever and ever… Dogs are the most affectionate and loving beings on the planet, and the images we have just seen are the proof of that.

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Source: I Love My Dog


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