Soldier and German Shepperd were separated for 9 months – their reunion is moving the world

There is something very special about the love and loyalty that dogs can express, and today’s story speaks exactly about it. Freyja, the German Shepperd, has this kind of bond with her human soldier. After a few months apart, the pair had the opportunity to meet again, resulting in one of the cutest moments ever!

Youtube – Poke My Heart

The soldier appears sitting in his living room, arms outstretched, certainly very happy to be home. Then someone opens a door and the rush as well as some barks can be heard in the background. The soldier whistles and, at that moment, Freyja jumps on the couch and can not resist the warmth of her owner.

Youtube – Poke My Heart

Freyja gets very excited as she kisses her owner and whimpers loudly. However, the dose of sweetness doesn’t stop there… Then the little dog lies down on her back, so that the soldier can rub her belly.

Check out the reassuring moment in the video below:

Welcome home, soldier!

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Source: Share Tap


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