Woman is called ‘smelly fatty’ on a flight – she is moved to tears when the man behind her decides to intervene

Some people like to comment our style or appearance. This is not an acceptable behavior, especially if the opinion comes from a complete stranger. It seems that we can not be ourselves without others giving negative opinions about us. That is exactly what happened to Savannah Phillips, an Oklahoma mother, who was called a smelly fatty.

Like many women, Savannah struggles with her image and self-esteem. When she travels, the young mother tries to sit on the plane by herself so as not to disturb the other passengers. I always try to sit in a row where I don’t have to sit next to anyone. I’m not the biggest person on the airplane, but I’m not the smallest. My worst nightmare is someone being uncomfortable because they have to sit next to me,” she said.

Facebook – Savannah Phillips
Rude passanger offends the young mother

Savannah recently sat down next to someone very rude on a plane. The flight attendants were explaining the plane’s security measures when the young woman saw the person sitting next to her, a 60-year-old man, picking up his cell phone. He was holding his phone really close to Savannah, so she couldn’t help but see what he wrote. And, to her horror, the woman realized that it was about her.

“He proceeded to text someone that he was sitting next to ‘a smelly fatty.’ I don’t even know what the rest of his text said. I turned my head away as fast as I could. I was shocked and it was like confirmation of the negative things I think about myself on a daily basis,” wrote Savannah on Facebook. “Before I knew it, I could feel hot, salty tears coming down my face. I sat and cried silently.”

Facebook – Savannah Phillips
Man decides to act

Savannah couldn’t read the rest of the message. She was extremely hurt and planned to avoid her seat mate during the entire trip. However, a passenger sitting behind them saw everything that happened, and decided to get up and go to the “smelly fatty”. Suddenly, the man, whose name is Chase Irwin, got up and poked Savannah’s sitting-mate.

“I need to talk to you”, said Chase to the rude stranger. “We are switching seats. Now.” Chase confronted the stranger about the cruel messages, and said that he should think more about other people’s feelings. Then, the two men switched places, and Chase sat down next to Savannah. He saw that she was crying, so he gave her a hug and tried to cheer her up.

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“He encouraged me not to let that guy get to me and that everything was going to be fine”, said Savannah on Facebook. The woman says they talked during the whole flight about family, work, among other things. Savannah was so thrilled by Chase’s kind gesture that she wrote about it on Facebook after the trip. She says he’s a hero, and she expects more people to realize the importance of the man’s gesture.

See an interview about the whole story below.

Some people just don’t know how to live in society, just like the rude passenger. Fortunately, Chase taught him a lesson that he won’t forget. Share if you think it was a beautiful gesture!

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