Smart dog gives a lesson on how to use a crosswalk and leaves everyone speechless

According to some statistics, more than 7 million people are run over every year. The cause? Simply by not using the crosswalk. Unfortunately, it is common to find pedestrians, who don’t normally know this elementary standard.

However, some animals seem to have this lesson well learned…

Te Importa

Recently, a video became viral on social media and left many speechless. A dog gave clear signs of civility and used the crosswalk as he should.


The puppy knew exactly what he was doing. His goal was to get safely across the road and he succeeded. The video shows a vehicle approaching, while the pup waits patiently.


The dog stays behind the white line, until all the cars stop. It’s truly awesome! Only when he feels safe, the lovely animal crosses the road in style and arrives happy to his final destination.


Unfortunately, nothing else is known about the puppy, whether he has an owner or belongs to the streets. Despite everything, now he is an Internet sensation and has left a life lesson for everyone.

Smart dog gives a lesson on how to use the crosswalk

Check out the loving dog in action in the video below:

We still have a lot to learn from animals…

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Source: Te Importa


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