Father asks baby if he slept well – his fun “answer” melted the internet

The needs of newborns are simple: eating, sleeping and getting diapers dirty. Although babies come into the world fragile and limited, they evolve in an incredible way. As they grow older, they begin to express their feelings in absolutely adorable forms. The baby we’ll see next is an example of this… when his father asked if he slept well, the child had a wonderful reaction. Who can resist the facial expressions of these little human beings? If you love newborns, then you’ll melt with little Oliver, also known as The ORB.

Youtube – For The ORB

Oliver’s father was fortunate enough to capture a super adorable moment in the cameras. He asked Oliver, “Did you sleep well?” And the baby’s response was absolutely wonderful. Now the clip is melting hearts all over the internet. It starts with the baby waking up from a nap and making dozens of lovely facial expressions. We know little Oliver, waking up is difficult!

Youtube – For The ORB

Finally, after a lot of movements and changes, Baby Oliver begins to slowly open his eyelids and yawn. His father waits patiently behind the camera to ask how his son’s nap ran. With all the precious expressions he shows previously, we certainly can not wait to hear his response. He’s very cute!

Youtube – For The ORB

As soon as Oliver’s eyes open, his father says, “Good morning.” His big eyes look at the parent, very alert. Then Oliver’s father asks, “Did you sleep well?” The baby continues to look seriously at his father, as if wondering how he could answer the question. Suddenly, he “answers” the question in a lovely way.

Youtube – For The ORB

See the baby’s reaction to the father’s question below …

Impossible not to melt with the sweetness of this little baby. Share this captivating clip and brighten up your friends’ day with Oliver’s expressions.

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