Woman sleeps with Python every night – then the animal stops eating and the vets discover the real reason behind it

As animal lovers, it’s easy to understand why people let their animals sleep with them at night. Puppies and cats are so sweet and comfortable, so they make great sleeping partners. Even snuggling with a ferret or a rabbit isn’t something out of the ordinary. But what if it’s a Python snake?

A woman was sleeping with her “pet” every night, and as you can imagine, that wasn’t the best choice for a roommate!


Every night the woman slept with her Python. When the animal slept in her belly, the snake would extend her body from the head to the woman’s toes. It was a great moment of attachment she had with her snake. Until she realized something was wrong…

After a few weeks of sleeping with the woman, the animal suddenly stopped eating. The woman started to get worried and decided to take the snake to the vet. The 2 meter Python was starving and when the vet asked about the snake’s daily routine, he was absolutely shocked to hear of his sleeping habits.

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After discovering that the woman and the wild animal slept together every night, the vet was completely taken aback. They asked the woman if the snake was spreading along her body or shrinking around her sometimes… And that was exactly what was happening!

The veterinarian began to explain to the woman that the snake was actually taking her measurements. Every time the snake spilled through her body, it was actually a little rehearsal. She was essentially practicing for her next big meal: the woman!

Boredom Therapy

It turns out the snake waited patiently for the perfect moment to catch its prey, which in this case was its owner. After receiving the shocking news, we hope that this woman has learned her lesson: you shouldn’t sleep with wild animals!

Exotic pets, such as reptiles and amphibians, are truly incredible and unique. But there is a great lesson for all of us, they don’t belong in our homes. They are more comfortable and safe in their natural habitat… They belong in the wild word.

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This woman has narrowly escaped death and no one knows what would’ve happen in the future.

Share this message with your friends and family, maybe one day you can save a life!

Source: Animal Channel


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