Skinny and weak after giving birth, she’s found in a construction hole

A puppy became a true hero after showing what his mother’s heart was made of. What she did to give birth left her rescuers shocked and speechless.

Dirty, weak, with dirt and wire embedded in her fur. This is how this bitch dug a hole under a building site so that she could give birth to her puppies.

Under the scorching Arizona sun, when the rescuers arrived, they could see the German shepherd’s sad face pleading for their help.

They managed to get the dog and its puppies out after digging with their own paws.

The day before, a construction worker saw the dog and fed her. He also saw her digging the hole. Another construction worker who saw the dog told his wife and she made some requests for help and contacted Saving Paws Rescue AZ, in Glendale, Arizona. This is a group that rescues mainly German shepherds.

Trish Houlihan, founder of Saving Paws, and Charis Williams, upon receiving the call, quickly came to her rescue.

When they arrived, they found a big problem…

They realized that because of the heavy rain of the previous nights the den was full of mud and worst of all there was a very heavy material on top of the den and they could not remove it to remove it, the only option was to crawl into the den and take the dog out.

Trish began to pick up the dirt with her hands. It took about 20 minutes to get to the dog’s neck. When they reached it, they were scared because nothing could be seen and they couldn’t stretch it because it might be attached to something they couldn’t see. They also tried to get it out by offering food, but it didn’t work. 

They went into the den and when they felt the threads that were tangled in its fur, they dragged it gently, the dog didn’t growl at all.

You could see that she was weak, but you could also tell that she was ready to help. 

They took her out and put her in the truck, gave her some water and food, but she refused to eat.

No one knew if the bitch had given birth in the hole or somewhere else and just brought the babies there. They began to remove the babies, but as they were removed the hole got deeper and deeper, so much so that Trish’s arms could no longer reach them, not even with the flashlight could they see the bottom.

Trish and Charis left with 3 puppies not knowing if there were more inside. Luckily they discovered that a construction worker had taken a puppy, contacted him, and convinced him to return it, as the baby would not survive without its mother.

After putting the babies in the truck, they decided to take one last check of the den, they dug from all angles but found nothing, back in the truck they realized that the mother was getting worse, so they went to the fourth puppy and returned to the rescue center. At the rescue center, the volunteers checked and bathed the mother and babies.

Mom was called Stormy.

A phone call came into the rescue center saying that the man operating the crane in the construction area, where Stormy was, had arrived to remove the heavy material and check to see if there were any more puppies, and fortunately, there were.

When they arrived on the scene, they found two pups still alive and were also referred to the rescue center. Stormy was having a lot of diarrhea and all the rocks, gravel, and paper wrappers were coming out.

Stormy did everything to take care of her children, including eating anything. So she needed a temporary home to get help, and that’s when Susan Pratt offered to take care of the dogs. She said Stormy was still very weak, they realized she was taking blood and placenta, something she should have cleaned up before, so they were worried she might have bacteria and stick them on babies. They took her to the vet and he told them not to worry.

Stormy was still bleeding heavily and the doctor feared that the uterus had not contracted to stop the bleeding, so they did tests to check for worms and valley fever.

Although she tested negative for valley fever, she tested positive for worms. The type of dirofilariasis she had is called microfilariae. They are microscopic worms that are in the blood. They couldn’t operate on her uterus because she was so weak that she couldn’t endure the operation.

They scheduled surgery and operated with only a 25% chance of success.

They took her to the VetMed hospital and were able to lower her temperature and stabilize her. 

Stormy was forbidden to feed her babies. Unfortunately, she got worse and one night her temperature rose to 107 degrees Fahrenheit, about 41 degrees Celsius (the normal temperature for a dog is 101-102.5 degrees Fahrenheit, about 38 degrees Celsius).

They took her home again, but the next morning she was back in the hospital, her temperature rising again to almost 42 degrees.

Stormy spent several days in the hospital, where she was treated for worms.

The treatment worked and Stormy gradually regained her energy and strength. She received the second dose of the treatment and Stormy’s puppies were adopted.

Finally, Stormy’s blood results showed that she was free of the worms, now she can play, run and be happy after so much suffering. 

“We weren’t deciding whether to keep Stormy or not,” the Pratts said, but the perfect home for her arrived, a 6-acre farm with another German shepherd with whom Stormy could play.

Stormy fought with everything to survive, she managed to give birth by herself, she managed to beat anemia, she managed to beat a surgery where she only had a 25% chance of survival, and she won the battle against worms. Without a doubt, Stormy is one of the strongest and bravest dogs.

The story of the beautiful and brave Stormy is amazing. What a great heart all those who rescued her have.

Source: Zoorprendente


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