10-year-old girl paints her teenage sister’s shoes and leaves a painful note next to them

Often, people devalue the power of support and encouragement. When a person is rejected by someone they love, especially by their parents, they end up with feelings of sadness and lack of confidence. This girl decided to paint her sister’s shoes, and her mother said they were ugly. This, of course, broke the girl’s heart.

Lack of parental encouragement can have a huge impact on a child’s life. The story of this young woman is a reminder for all parents to support the efforts of their children. Emely Cifuentes, 17, had a pair of sneakers she wanted her sister to decorate. Marely, 10, wants to be an artist and was very happy with her sister’s request.

Before going to school, Emely left the sneakers at home for her sister to paint. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned. When the teenager came home, she found something unexpected… Marely had left her shoes on the bed. She began to paint them, but stopped before finishing. She had left a note beside her shoes that explained why she had not finished.

“I’m sorry if you don’t like them, I tried my best. Mom said she didn’t like them and that broke my heart. I don’t need you to break it more,” wrote the girl.


The end of the note illustrated the true impact of her mother’s comment. “Now that I see it I agree with her you shouldn’t have let me do that. I’m so sorry,” continued the brokenhearted girl. The sister was floorless with Marely’s words: she “put effort into them, and it made me so sad that she felt like she did a bad job.”

But Emely quickly had a brilliant idea. She decided to make another note and put on Twitter as an answer: “I’m literally crying because I love them so much and it sucks how much your parents affect you when they’re not supportive.” After the publication, the adolescent received many positive comments.

Marely and I are extremely overwhelmed by the reaction to her shoes. It’s amazing to know there is still so many kindhearted people in this world. She’s so happy with all of replies and is in the process of finishing the shoes,” Emely shared on Twitter.


Just three days after the sister’s publication, Marely finished painting the sneakers. Emely posted a picture of her with her shoes, along with a thank-you note to all the “nice people” who supported her. Although Marely did not have the support of her mother, thousands of strangers online gave her the incentive she needed to continue.

Sometimes words hurt a lot, especially those of discouragement. Share if you think all parents should support their children’s talents!

Source: Liftable


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