9-year-old refuses to let cancer beat him before sister is born

Parents do everything to make their children happy, and they can’t bear to see them suffer. Unfortunately, child protection is not always within the reach of adults, and Bailey’s parents know it well. The boy had cancer, and unfortunately he was in terminal condition. But he did not want to leave this world without seeing his sister.

No matter how hard we try, or pray, there are some things that are beyond our reach. Bailey began to feel bad in the summer of 2016, and his parents took him directly to the doctor. At first, he thought the boy had a common cold and sent him home.

But the boy continued to get worse and worse. In the end, his parents, Lee and Rachel, received a diagnosis that no father wanted to hear: the 8-year-old son had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This is an aggressive form of cancer characterized by the rapidity in which it develops.

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His treatment began immediately, Bailey underwent chemotherapy and radiation. In February 2017, the cancer disappeared and the family breathed a sigh of relief. “They thought there were no more signs of cancer,” said the father. Bailey recovered quickly and even went back to school. However, the child had regular medical checkups to make sure he was completely free of the disease.

Unfortunately, it was not long until the cancer was back. At Easter last year, Bailey returned to the hospital again.

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The boy started a new round of treatments, and he was 70 percent chances of recovering. In July, he returned home and enjoyed the summer. But the cancer did not give up, and by the end of August, Bailey was again hospitalized. This time the situation was worse than ever. He now had stage 4 cancer that spread to the liver, lungs and stomach. The doctor said he only had weeks to live, maybe even days.

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But Bailey had one goal: he would fight until his sister was born in November. The boy fought… it was three terrible months and the child’s health was deteriorating. But the family tried to make his last days as fun and memorable as possible.

Finally, his wish came true. The sister was born and he decided to call her Millie. Bailey did everything an older brother does: he hugged his sister, changed her diapers, bathed her and sang to her. But after the girls’ birth, things quickly worsened for Bailey.

According to his diagnosis, he should not have survived to see her sister born. And as soon as he met her, he began to get worse.

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On Christmas Eve, the family knew that the end was near and said, “It’s time for Bailey to stop.” The moment we said ‘stop,’ he took his last breath and finished tearing his eyes. It was peaceful,” the family said.

Just before Bailey died, he said something incredibly moving about his sister: “I want to stay, but it’s my time to go, to become her guardian angel.” Simply touching … Losing a loved one is the worst feeling in the world. But at least this family is comforted to know that he has fulfilled his desire, and will look for his sister from the sky.

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