Woman starts singing karaoke in a store – then, her perfect voice becomes viral and reaches 12 million views

Going shopping can be a tedious task, but when you have a good company, nothing is boring. Christina Kokonis-Viggers and Amanda Lasher were in a store when they found a karaoke machine. As soon as Christina discovered that the device had a Bluetooth capability that allowed her to connect the machine to her cell phone, she decided to start singing karaoke… and the result was wonderful.

She didn’t care what the buyers around her would think. She simply grabbed the microphone and performed an impressive performance of Maybe This Time from the musical Cabaret. “There are people that were stopping by and they just stood there the whole time”, Christina said. The store’s customers were completely impressed with the woman’s vocal talent, and with her confidence and beautiful smile.

“She got a lot of applause. It was incredible,” recalls Amanda, the friend who was accompanying her on the shopping spree. Amanda insisted on posting the video on social media because she knew it was going to be a success. Christina was skeptical, but the video ended up receiving more than 12 million views on Facebook and more than 155,000 shares!

Since then, Christina has been receiving calls and offers from everywhere, even from the America’s Got Talent. She would love to follow the dream of becoming a full-time singer. However, she is already happy to put smiles on other people’s faces.

She also got messages from people who are struggling with cancer, chemotherapy, or who had recently lost their children. Everyone is thanking her for brightening up their day with her voice.

“How do you respond to that, other than to say, ‘I’m so glad that I could least spread some sunshine your way”, Christina said. The young woman has no vocal training, but she is the president of the Upstate Productions musical theater, where she works with students to do shows.

Watch the relaxed and bright moment of karoke below…

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Source: Shareably


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