Simon thinks that 5-year-old girl can’t sing Sinatra, but he is deeply mistaken

Nobody can sing New York, New York like Frank Sinatra. However, a brave 5-year-old called Sophie Fatu took the stage of America’s Got Talent to sing a song of his. The girl faced a huge crowd, as she tried to reach the level of the great artist. And the best of all? She was the youngest participant in the program’s history!

As she stepped onto the stage, the famous juror Simon Cowell asked what she would do if she won the entire competition and took home the one million dollar prize. Herr answer? “I just want to sing for everyone and make them happy.” And that’s exactly what the child did. Her performance has been seen more that 2 million times. And it’s not hard to understand why!

Youtube – America’s Got Talent

Sophie Fatu loves to sing, and was brave enough to do it on the popular television show America’s Got Talent, in front of millions of viewers. The jury and crowd only wanted to applaud as she took their breath away. The incredible and energetic performance is undoubtedly impressive!

Watch the adorable girl sing below:

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Source: Newsner


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