Deaf girl discovers the sign language of her deaf puppy and they communicate together

Mika is a 7-month-old puppy who arrived at Anarchy Animal Rescue in New York because his owners didn’t want a deaf puppy. The shelter, specializing in animals with disabilities, received the pup in a warm way.

When Amanda Geffen knew that Mika was in the shelter waiting for a family, she didn’t hesitate to take him home. In fact, Amanda always had the desire of adopting a deaf dog. The young woman has been deaf since birth and has managed to fulfill one of her dreams by bringing Mika home!

Facebook – Amanda Geffen

Amanda began to teach Mika some basic signals so they could communicate. The dog now knows the meaning of “seat”, do not “move” or “lie down.” Mika also understands signs that are less functional and encompass emotional dominance such as: “I love you” or “Mom.”

Jesie Stephenson, who is the professional sign language interpreter at the shelter, is hopeful that Mika will be an example that will allow people to stop putting deaf dogs away.


Deaf girl discovers the sign language of her deaf puppy


Discover in the video below the relationship full of love and tenderness that connects Amanda and Mika:

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