No doctor can diagnose the sick woman – then, 2 men show up at her house and discover the problem

Kathi Wilson, 41, had a miserable last decade. Over the years, her physical condition deteriorated. She spent endless hours in the doctors’ offices, waiting for a diagnosis that never came, and things eventually got to the point where the sick woman could barely walk.

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Her symptoms were similar to the flu, but they also included others such as fatigue and poor mood. Can you imagine living like this for 10 years?! The woman spent hours and hours sleeping to try to soften her physical and mental anguish. Why couldn’t anyone figure out what made her feel so unhappy?

10 years after the onset of symptoms, the very common cause of her mysterious disease was found. However, the discovery was not due to a revolutionary examination or a brilliant doctor. Instead, the diagnosis came from two contractors.

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After all that time feeling bad, Kathi decided to do something good for herself. She decided it was time to remodel her old-fashioned bathroom! When the demolition began, a team of contractors went out to evaluate the necessary upgrades. They needed to redo the appearance of the shower, add modern tiles, renovate the pipes and replace the water heater. However, when the team arrived to remove the old heater and install the new one, they made an amazing discovery.

Contractors discover cause of illness

Whoever installed the heater ten years ago did it incorrectly. Without Kathi’s knowledge, the water heater was slowly leaking out carbon monoxide. This gas was poisoning the woman little by little. When contractors realized the size of the problem, they contacted Kathi and broke the news. All her symptoms suddenly made sense!

Youtube – Inside Edition

That was the answer she had spent a decade waiting for! She did all sorts of tests, but the doctors hadn’t come to any conclusions. Fortunately, the contractors replaced the heater, and Kathi began to improve immediately. She is recovering very well, and will never forget the heroes who saved her life!

Watch a video of this story below.

Carbon monoxide is a silent danger, which kills many people every year. This sick woman had a happy ending thanks to the contractors, but not everyone is so lucky. Let’s share Kathi’s story to raise awareness about this dangerous gas.

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