Sick puppy was scared to death every time someone approached, but his eyes screamed for help

Homeless dogs suffer unspeakable horrors in their struggle for survival, especially if they are puppies.

Zhora is the name of a puppy that is only 5-months-old. He was found sick and alone.

Fortunately, the animal found members of Love Furry Friends, an animal rescue association that immediately picked him up and took him to the veterinary clinic. The dog was in terrible condition.

As reported on their YouTube channel, the organization’s activists spend several days feeding these kinds of rejected pets. It was in one of them that they found little Zhora.

They knew he was in a very bad way and could not leave him there in such a deplorable state. His skin wounds caused him a lot of pain. They took him with them, however, it was almost a miracle that the dog could survive.

“We often feed abandoned and hungry dogs in this industrial area. We noticed a puppy that we have never seen here before. We stopped and fed him, but when we approached him, we saw that he was completely alone and his fur looked sick,” said the pro-animal organization.

But as luck would have it, and with the good offices of the rescue team and the veterinary team, the miracle happened. Considering the severity of the injuries suffered to his skin from the effects of the weather, the malnutrition, and the sadness of having been left alone in that infamous place.

During his rescue, in the video published by Love Furry Friends, you can see the look of terror on his face.

Suspicious, of course, he was extremely nervous whenever anyone approached him.

“In some parts of his body he had holes from lack of hair, he had wounds on his back, his belly was swollen. We offered food and water, but the puppy hid and refused to accept it,” they added.

See the rescue in the video below:

The dog was simply trying to hide his face behind a wall. However, with patience, love and dedication the dog gave in and allowed itself to be petted and fed.

He underwent a treatment that had a quick effect. His old physical and emotional wounds have closed. Today he is happy in the arms of the woman who adopted him and gives him a home with all her love.

Source: Zorprendente


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