Sick and traumatized puppy was afraid that her rescuers would hurt her

No one has the right to inflict pain on another living being. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about a person or not. Hurting will always be a miserable act, but unfortunately, it keeps happening and the protagonist of this story is a reflection of this situation.

She is a hairy girl who, when faced with people who want to save her life, can’t stop shaking with horror.

How much pain would the dog have to endure to react that way?

No one knows what an animal that has lived a difficult life on the streets holds in its memory. But it was clear that this puppy had been seriously injured.

But this rescue wasn’t easy.

The poor creature was found while crawling around aimlessly. Izzy is lame and not even her disability could touch anyone, but the day she met the team of volunteers things was different.

The rescue team knew they could not leave her in that condition.

As these people tried to approach, their hearts broke when they saw that the dog didn’t even have the strength to defend herself. The dog shuddered with fear that they were going to hurt him, but he didn’t have the energy to attack them.

Seeing his nerves was devastating for everyone, but it soon became part of his past.

The love they gave her at the shelter was enough to make her fear disappear. The trembling girl realized that they only wanted to help her and decided to trust them.

One of the volunteers became her personalized caregiver, as Izzy had a great connection with her.

This woman was a real savior in the hairy man’s life.

Since her rescue, Izzy has not only gained confidence, but also weight, and the shelter is ready to continue with care.

So far, the dog has been doing very well on site, but, as in all cases, her rescuers are eager to find a family for her soon.

This girl deserves the warmth of a good home.

The furry’s future humans should be understanding people, able to understand that Izzy’s start at home may not be easy. It will only be a matter of time before they too gain their trust.

The dog is very affectionate and playful, so she would be a great companion for anyone. Also, because she is a fairly small dog, her space requirements are not really strict. As long as there are love and responsibility, anyone can become her human friend.

Izzy’s pain was left behind and her face should make us reflect on how harshly we treat animals.

Source: Zoorprendente


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