A desperate Siberian tiger lies in front of a door asking for help

According to experts, there are now only 540 Siberian tigers in the wild, most of them in Russia, where they are threatened by logging that destroys their natural habitat. Normally, all species of tigers avoid contact with humans… That is why Alexey Khaideyev couldn’t believe his eyes when he encountered a Siberian tiger on his doorstep.

Facebook – Amur ‘s of the Russian Far East / Дикие Кошки Дальнего Востока

Alexey lives in the small village of Solontsovy, Russia more than 6 300 kilometers from Moscow. One morning the man tried to open his front door, but to no avail. Angry with the situation, he pushed it with all his strength and suddenly heard a tiger roar!

The man who discovered the wild tiger immediately called the rescue center, he was terrified of what was out there. While he waited for the team’s intervention, Alexey glanced out of the window every now and then to see if the animal was still in the same place. But, he did not move and showed no signs of aggressive behavior. When help arrived, the Siberian tiger was anesthetized and transported to a reserve in Alekseevka.

There the feline was examined by a veterinarian who discovered that the poor animal had severely infected gums and it was necessary to remove all his teeth from the upper jaw. Explained Sergey Aramilev, the head of the Amur Tiger Center.

Facebook – Amur ‘s of the Russian Far East / Дикие Кошки Дальнего Востока

Sergey is convinced that the tiger came to the villagers for help… Now the animal is under the medical care of the recovery center and maybe one day will be returned to nature.

Animals are so much smarter than we think and this story is the proof of that. Share this incredible story with your friends and family!

Source: Fantastique


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